“Foris” is the new Italian workshop manufacturing “objects made of light”

This is Foris, the new Italian workshop manufacturing objects made of light. In these days, Foris is having its debut with the first collections of decor lights.

The new brand gives the creative designers coming from all over the world the chance to design and manufacture excellence objects made of light.

Thanks to the experience of Light Engineering + Design in manufacturing Led outlines, this brand has already 12 models, inspired by the concepts of quality, research and “ideas”. The whole project is based on a key concept, then is synthesised into a design and developed as a light object or a set of lamps.
Thanks to Le+D research on design and lighting engineering, these objects made of light are the result of a work going beyond the canonical three dimensions, to which the light is added in order to obtain dynamicity and interaction with the spaces and to touch people’s feelings.
The new brand was officially presented on the 30th November at the Design and Art Center in Buenos Aires, during the award ceremony of the contest “Crear Luz Propia”, in which some young designers from the University of Palermo participated, by manufacturing design lamps which will be included in the catalogue 2017.
The origin of ideas is based on creative designers’ experiences. Before drawing an object, creative designers work on an idea, conceptualise it so as to be able to choose the most suitable materials to express its essence and uniqueness. In the end, they develop their idea and then make a drawing of a object made of light.

Among the models proposed by Foris, the modern and functional designs of Mondrian Set (www.forisluce.it/mondrian) stands out. Dedicated to (or inspired to) the painter Piet Mondrian, this lamp has such an expressive force that it is not only a lamp, but it can be also considered a functional design work, which is able to enlighten the ambiances elegantly, placing itself at the centre of the furniture, but emphasising all the surrounding objects.

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