Supergrass is a modular system made of wooden stalks

recalling the shape of a blade of grass.

Overall height of the lamp: 200 cm – Square base: 42 x 42 x H5 cm

I wanted to represent the curved line in all its simplicity

The aim during the planning was drawing an arch by light, removing all the superfluous aspects to achieve a sheer shape. The element had to be a sculptural shape, not just a lamp. For this reason, I thought to use solid wood stems where the sheaf of light would emphasise the arch, its real heart and synthesis. In the end, the composition reminds me the image of blades of grass, then the slightly ironic name, as the English band of the ’90s. Touching technology enabled us to add a touch of magic, almost as if we touch its surface, the sculpture comes to life.

Matteo Cecchinato
Artist – designer

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