Iluminar es más que encender una luz

Elegir un medio de lámparas que optan por un objeto que interactúa con el medio ambiente y caracteriza el espacio.

Foris l’origine delle idee le da algunos consejos para elegir su nuevo catálogo.

ara iluminar una habitación Conviene elegir las lámparas basadas en los tonos de las paredes y los colores de los muebles: el objetivo es crear un ambiente armonioso.

In a room where there is a clear separation between decorated zones and remains the Mondrian floor is ideal for harmonizing spaces: thanks to the presence of two crossed profiles overlaps the light projecting discrete shadows on the walls.

Another suggestion is to create more light points, paying attention to the different functions of the room: for example, you may prefer table adjustable models in areas where the main activity is reading.

In order of not create shadows that make it difficult to read the books and documents thereth Mondrian Table allows to direct the light into three different directions thanks to magnetic profles.

In choosing not to be underestimated quality and energy saving:all Foris l’origine delle idee lamps are made with Led profiles produced by Light Engineering + Design that guarantee quality of the light emitted and efficiency both in terms of color rendering and duration over time.

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